Artist Obsession: Cindy Lane

You've probably seen Cindy's mesmerizing videos which feature closeups of vibrant liquid watercolor being brushed or dripped onto wet paper. I was sent such a video by a friend last year.

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Artist Obsession: Kindra Tia

I've been in love with Kindra's work for some time. I was introduced to her work in 2007 by an ex whose older brother went to high school with her in the lovely little city of Frankfort, Michigan. 

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I'm Not Dead!

After we moved I really got caught up in working on my own projects and just in work in general. And we were trying to get a business off the ground by October. Plus being close to family means spending a lot of time with family. And not to mention all the settling in things you do when you first move in to a place. There was a lot going on. 

It's nearing the end of five months here. Things have settled down. I've changed jobs. I'm working just part-time now, as opposed to nearly full time. That means more time to work on art! And I have been doing a lot more art in the past two or so weeks. It feels really good.

It's all been art that I make for myself. I got a beautiful Sennelier watercolor set for my birthday, so I've been playing with that a lot. I promise I'll do a review on it soon.

With all the art I've produced in the past few weeks, I thought it was more than high time I get the shop opened. To that end, I've obtained an LLC. I have NO idea really what I need to be doing to run a business, but we'll find out as we go. Mostly what I'll have for sale in the shop right out the gates will be prints. I do have a handful of originals, too.

I've really been focusing on the small floral pieces, but I need to get back into projects. I should get back into the graphic novel, but somehow just thinking about it makes me all weak and nauseous. So, I've been outlining for the past months, in the free time between other things, a deck of divination cards that will be similar to a tarot deck. I'll go more into this project in another post. 


There are some big changes ahead.

We, Max, Trinity, & I, are moving back to Michigan. We'll be moving to Traverse City, my hometown.

Our lease was coming up at the end of April here in Maine. It got Max & I talking about what we wanted to do next. Did we want to stay here another year? Did we want to try to move north, to Augusta, perhaps? We started digging into our ten year plan, talking about what we want to accomplish, & thinking about where we want to end up. It quickly became clear we didn't want to be here another year. And maybe Maine hadn't been the best choice right now after all... (Northern Maine is still one of the most beautiful places, we may eventually move back.)

Well, we got in touch with my brother & sister-in-law who have been trying to get us to move in with them for forever to see if the offer was still open. It is. And they've asked us to be their business partners & open an art supply store with them! What!

To that end, I'm quitting my job. I've been with the same company for six years, three of which I've been in a management position. It's very daunting, losing that stability (& the benefits, let's be honest). I'd been planning to leave when I turn 30 anyhow. The timing just felt right.

It's been a year of incredible change. I don't regret any of it. Both Max & I have grown so much & we've learned a lot. We've made some great strides on the paths of our chosen careers & we've stoked the passion-fire for our dreams. I think you struggle to make you strong. 

I'm feeling very positive, very at peace about the decisions we've made. It's a good feeling. I know this move is going to bring great good.

The coming of April will bring to a close an amazing, crazy year & open up onto a whole new wonderful adventure that will be full of even more success!

Artist Obsession: Michael Chernov

Isn't Instagram an amazing thing? I would never have found this incredible painter & tattoo artist from the Ukraine without it!

Michael Chernov is a 23-year-old artist working in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is a faculty member at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture & he also works as a tattoo artist at Bright Ink Tattoo, but what really caught my eye was his incredible watercolor pieces. They're seriously breathtaking. 

I love the line quality in his works. His signature look features a heavy outline & a sketchy quality to the interior lines. Every line feels as though it was laid down with precision and intent, but at the same time there is a visceral liveliness to them. And the colors! His jewel-toned palette is practically mouthwatering and so vibrant. But I'll let his work speak for itself!

Instagram: @Michael_Chernov
His website is currently in the works.

Bright Ink Tattoo's Facebook

What is the Graphic Novel We Keep Hearing So Much About???

I should have written a blog about this a billion years ago.

This idea came to me in a dream many years ago, maybe five years ago now. In fact, I called it "Dream." The final version is very different than it was at first. In the beginning, this graphic novel was very fantasy based, involving weird alien life & such.

Now, it is the story of three sisters in a vast desert world. After their parents were killed they escaped & are on the run from a cruel warrior queen who wants to make them an example of them to their enslaved people. Along their years-long journey, they meet many different people, learn, grow, & love. Ultimately, they have to decide whether or not they should face up to the queen & free their people or not.

That's the short & sweet version. I'll post more updates as work on the graphic novel progresses.

Graphic Novel Update

If you listen to the podcast I do with my husband then you already know what my plan is for the graphic novel. If not...

I've given up on getting four pages of the graphic novel done a week. I don't know yet what I WILL be able to get done in a week. I wanted to get it done in a year, but I don't see that happening now.

I've stepped back to reassess.

I need to up my technical drawing skills. When I was writing the graphic novel I wasn't really thinking about the art, not the making of it. I was thinking more abstractly about it, composing the panels & pages like shots of a film.  So now that it's come to the making of it I've found that my imagination has reached far beyond my skill level. This is a good thing, truly. But a difficult, frustrating, & painful thing as well. Growth is hard, or it can be.

My new plan is to work on perspective drawing every day for thirty days. I think I'll start fresh February first & finish some other paintings up in the meantime. This was prompted by an episode of Your Creative Push, a (kick-ass) podcast I listen to.

I'm hoping this will force me to get better. Maybe I'll even find that this sort of drawing is something I really enjoy. All I know is I want the art to be worthy of the story.

New Year, New Goals: Update

Well, I've been pretty shit really at following through with my resolutions.  

My biggest failure so far is that I haven't worked on the graphic novel. At all. I started working on page one and immediately got overwhelmed. I really should have paid more attention to the perspective lessons in college. My first panel should be a big, beautiful shot of a castle amidst mountain peaks, a highly-detailed three-point perspective piece that will set the visual tone for the rest of the graphic novel. So far I have...a horizon line. 

But it hasn't been all bad. I just finished a new painting that I'm quite proud of (you can see it in my Personal section). 

In addition,  I've started setting up my online store & populating it with products. So far I have a few originals & prints of my more favorite pieces. The hold up with officially opening? Taxes & legalities. Sales tax is complicated, folks. But, with any luck, it will be open by the weekend!

New Year, New Goals

I love that our society has built into the coming of the new year a time for reflection & resolutions. The beginning of the new calendar year is a time to start afresh & try to become a better person than you were the year previous. I think that's pretty damn beautiful. 

So, it being New Year's Eve, I thought I would share with you some of my goals for the coming year...



1. My BIG ONE: Finish the graphic novel. I did some number crunching & if I can do one page of script a week, the graphic novel is done in a year. I really hope it doesn't take me one whole week to do one lousy page, but that's from thumbnail to sketch to paint/ink to final. I may be a little shit out of luck with parts of this (ahem, lettering), though.

2. Get more art in more galleries. This could be art shows or it could be consigned artwork. I was also speaking with a friend today about setting up a table for Biddeford/Saco's monthly Art Walk. That would just be so much fun even if we didn't sell a single thing.

3. Set up my online store. This website has an online store attached as part of my subscription, I just have to set it up & populate it. That's the point of this website, right? Become a working artist, transition away from day job to night job. 

4. Do art daily. Can't be an artist if you're not making art.

5. Blog regularly. 

6. Post to Instagram regularly.

I have some other goals as well about health/diet, budgeting & paying off the ol' student loan, & spirituality. But I won't bore you!


Info about the Art Walk

"Awesome" News!

My work is up for sale at Awesome Hobby Shoppe in Biddeford, Maine! I will be selling some of my work through them for the foreseeable future.

The exterior of Awesome Hobby Shoppe. That's a statue of Jason in the window.

The exterior of Awesome Hobby Shoppe. That's a statue of Jason in the window.

Last week was a real whirlwind!

One of the goals I set for myself for this year was to get into galleries. I'd seen artwork up in AHS while walking the dog & finally decided to stop in a couple weeks ago & see how to get art there. I was told to contact their art director, Mike, & left them my name & website. (Mind you, I had absolutely nothing to show for my intentions outside of curiosity. Oops!) He got in touch with me shortly after Thanksgiving. After meeting Mike in person on the morning of the third, I've been cranking out original artwork.

I'm selling prints & a handful of originals. I hope to also open my online store here shortly as well, since I'll be getting prints made anyway. 

ALSO...I've been invited to be part of AHS's first show in 2017: Kickflip'd. It's all art on skate decks. I'm stoked. If you listen to Chat-Man & Robin you've already heard I'm going to make a pussy-board. We'll see how it goes. Kickflip'd is set to run February 1-16th. I'll post info on the opening reception, if there will be one.

Check out Awesome Hobby Shoppe on Facebook.

The artwork to the right of mine is by Elizabeth Carmella.

The artwork to the right of mine is by Elizabeth Carmella.