Artist Obsession: Martin Bedolla

I'd like to do a running blog series on what artists I'm currently looking at or who I've recently discovered & who's inspiring me. So, we'll get the ball rolling with the incredible Mr. Bedolla. The Kendall graduate is working in Grand Rapids, MI. He finds inspiration in music and Tumblr. A good interview with him by the blog Six Two Nine can be found here.

I recently saw Martin's work on Facebook when a former schoolmate shared one of his pieces. The creepy vibe caught me immediately. I was struck by the contrast of his angular outline style & his "soft," precise shading style. His style varies in pieces from cute & cartoony doodles to stylized near-realism that has a high fashion feel.

I went on to check out his other social media. It's interesting to see someone working out some of the same ideas/themes or making the similar stylistic choices as you completely independently: working with gold, highly detailed figure vs. plain ground/high detail vs. void in general. I'd be curious to know who his inspirations are & see if we share any.

I love how he isn't afraid to draw something very sexy, very sensual. That's something I need to work on, not worrying about "backlash" to posting sexy shit, especially queer-centric art.

These are just a couple of my favorite pieces. I had to limit myself to six or it would just be me creating a new website for him!

If you're interested in purchasing his work message or email him.


Find him (NSFW warning!):

Snapchat: martindoodle
Instagram: @martinbedolla
Twitter: @martinbedolla