Artist Obsession: Jaymes Anthony

Jaymes Anthony is a painter working in Chicago. His captivating surreal portraits seem to draw from pop culture, drag, & occult/religious influences. He beautifully juxtaposes geometric shapes with sensually curving natural forms in an almost Art Nouveau meets Art Deco sensibility. 

I was first introduced to his work through the Instagram account of drag queen Aurora Gozmic (@auroragozmic go check her out, she is amazing). Jaymes had done a lovely piece of her, it's first in the slideshow below. 

If you go through his work on Facebook you can watch his style progress. It's really very interesting to watch how artists grow into a style. He continues to explore the same themes in the 2016 collection as in his work from 2013, but his style seems to have matured. I really love how the most recent work is using psychedelic color schemes and working in large, flat expanses of color. The geometric overlays also are a wonderful design element, drawing the eye to certain icons in the painting or guiding you through the painting. The subtle gradients in some areas almost give the impression of a digital painting with their perfectly smooth transition.

I'm very excited to watch the career of this talented artist! 

Jaymes Anthony is a 23 year old artist from Chicago, IL. He has been inspired to create since birth, but his parents didn’t notice until he took to the household walls with a red Crayola. Today, his work is far more sophisticated, but he hasn’t lost his youthful drive to transform the ordinary into the fantastic. Working primarily with acrylic on wood, Jaymes also ventures into mixed media, incorporating text and collage into a number of his works. A mix of morbidity and glamour, Jaymes’s art is inspired by the imaginary muses who become the subjects of his macabre and hauntingly unique vision.
— Ashley Harrington, June 2012

Quote borrow from his Facebook.

If you're interested in purchasing or commissions direct message him on Instagram.

Instagram: @jaymesanthony