New Year, New Goals

I love that our society has built into the coming of the new year a time for reflection & resolutions. The beginning of the new calendar year is a time to start afresh & try to become a better person than you were the year previous. I think that's pretty damn beautiful. 

So, it being New Year's Eve, I thought I would share with you some of my goals for the coming year...



1. My BIG ONE: Finish the graphic novel. I did some number crunching & if I can do one page of script a week, the graphic novel is done in a year. I really hope it doesn't take me one whole week to do one lousy page, but that's from thumbnail to sketch to paint/ink to final. I may be a little shit out of luck with parts of this (ahem, lettering), though.

2. Get more art in more galleries. This could be art shows or it could be consigned artwork. I was also speaking with a friend today about setting up a table for Biddeford/Saco's monthly Art Walk. That would just be so much fun even if we didn't sell a single thing.

3. Set up my online store. This website has an online store attached as part of my subscription, I just have to set it up & populate it. That's the point of this website, right? Become a working artist, transition away from day job to night job. 

4. Do art daily. Can't be an artist if you're not making art.

5. Blog regularly. 

6. Post to Instagram regularly.

I have some other goals as well about health/diet, budgeting & paying off the ol' student loan, & spirituality. But I won't bore you!


Info about the Art Walk