My Artistic Process: Sexy Demon-Girl

A series I'm working on right now is what I'd call my Sexy Monster/Animal/Alien/Dead-Girl series. I started some of these pieces forever ago & just revamped them for Awesome. While I enjoy well enough making the anime-like animal-girls, I'm really more interested in the monster/alien/dead girls. I don't really mean DEAD, I mean goth. I really enjoy putting scary & sexy together.  

So, I thought I'd show you the progress of a piece that (sort of) falls into my current series. This piece is for the cover of an EP called "Lo-Fi Lullabies" by the band O Dollam.

Lo-Fi Lullabies Cover Pencil.jpeg

The original sketch is on the left. You'll see as you progress down through the process pictures to the final that some things were changed. The original sketch was looking too much like the (absolutely stunning) Aneta von Cyborg or Tamara Taylor, so I tweaked the brow, jawline, & nose slightly. The inked version might be my favorite, honestly...

In image one, I began with the background & greenery first. I really had no idea what I was doing with the greenery to be completely honest. I wasn't using any reference. Landscapes really aren't my strong suit to begin with, either. So there's that. In image two you can see I started shading the figure with layers of a mauvey-purple. In the third image, I really fleshed out the figure & added details to her. The trees in the background got a little work. I was trying to channel Stephen Gammell a bit with the bleeding ink of the trees.


Some of my big inspirations for my dead girls right now are Yolandi Visser, Annika AKA Manic Moth, Veronica Anrathi, Aneta Von Cyborg, Jackie Hovorka, Sarah Baudais, Cheddar Gorgeous, Ascher Lucas, & Zack Roadkill. You can find most of them, if not all, on (you guessed it) Instagram.

Some Stephen Gammell Illustrations