Artist Obsession: Michael Chernov

Isn't Instagram an amazing thing? I would never have found this incredible painter & tattoo artist from the Ukraine without it!

Michael Chernov is a 23-year-old artist working in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is a faculty member at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture & he also works as a tattoo artist at Bright Ink Tattoo, but what really caught my eye was his incredible watercolor pieces. They're seriously breathtaking. 

I love the line quality in his works. His signature look features a heavy outline & a sketchy quality to the interior lines. Every line feels as though it was laid down with precision and intent, but at the same time there is a visceral liveliness to them. And the colors! His jewel-toned palette is practically mouthwatering and so vibrant. But I'll let his work speak for itself!

Instagram: @Michael_Chernov
His website is currently in the works.

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