What is the Graphic Novel We Keep Hearing So Much About???

I should have written a blog about this a billion years ago.

This idea came to me in a dream many years ago, maybe five years ago now. In fact, I called it "Dream." The final version is very different than it was at first. In the beginning, this graphic novel was very fantasy based, involving weird alien life & such.

Now, it is the story of three sisters in a vast desert world. After their parents were killed they escaped & are on the run from a cruel warrior queen who wants to make them an example of them to their enslaved people. Along their years-long journey, they meet many different people, learn, grow, & love. Ultimately, they have to decide whether or not they should face up to the queen & free their people or not.

That's the short & sweet version. I'll post more updates as work on the graphic novel progresses.