There are some big changes ahead.

We, Max, Trinity, & I, are moving back to Michigan. We'll be moving to Traverse City, my hometown.

Our lease was coming up at the end of April here in Maine. It got Max & I talking about what we wanted to do next. Did we want to stay here another year? Did we want to try to move north, to Augusta, perhaps? We started digging into our ten year plan, talking about what we want to accomplish, & thinking about where we want to end up. It quickly became clear we didn't want to be here another year. And maybe Maine hadn't been the best choice right now after all... (Northern Maine is still one of the most beautiful places, we may eventually move back.)

Well, we got in touch with my brother & sister-in-law who have been trying to get us to move in with them for forever to see if the offer was still open. It is. And they've asked us to be their business partners & open an art supply store with them! What!

To that end, I'm quitting my job. I've been with the same company for six years, three of which I've been in a management position. It's very daunting, losing that stability (& the benefits, let's be honest). I'd been planning to leave when I turn 30 anyhow. The timing just felt right.

It's been a year of incredible change. I don't regret any of it. Both Max & I have grown so much & we've learned a lot. We've made some great strides on the paths of our chosen careers & we've stoked the passion-fire for our dreams. I think you struggle to make you strong. 

I'm feeling very positive, very at peace about the decisions we've made. It's a good feeling. I know this move is going to bring great good.

The coming of April will bring to a close an amazing, crazy year & open up onto a whole new wonderful adventure that will be full of even more success!