I'm Not Dead!

After we moved I really got caught up in working on my own projects and just in work in general. And we were trying to get a business off the ground by October. Plus being close to family means spending a lot of time with family. And not to mention all the settling in things you do when you first move in to a place. There was a lot going on. 

It's nearing the end of five months here. Things have settled down. I've changed jobs. I'm working just part-time now, as opposed to nearly full time. That means more time to work on art! And I have been doing a lot more art in the past two or so weeks. It feels really good.

It's all been art that I make for myself. I got a beautiful Sennelier watercolor set for my birthday, so I've been playing with that a lot. I promise I'll do a review on it soon.

With all the art I've produced in the past few weeks, I thought it was more than high time I get the shop opened. To that end, I've obtained an LLC. I have NO idea really what I need to be doing to run a business, but we'll find out as we go. Mostly what I'll have for sale in the shop right out the gates will be prints. I do have a handful of originals, too.

I've really been focusing on the small floral pieces, but I need to get back into projects. I should get back into the graphic novel, but somehow just thinking about it makes me all weak and nauseous. So, I've been outlining for the past months, in the free time between other things, a deck of divination cards that will be similar to a tarot deck. I'll go more into this project in another post.