Artist Obsession: Kindra Tia

I've been in love with Kindra's work for some time. I was introduced to her work in 2007 by an ex whose older brother went to high school with her in the lovely little city of Frankfort, Michigan. 

She studied Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design. Currently a freelancer, she has worked for 38 Studios (formerly Green Monster Games) and EA. While she primarily works digitally, she also does some traditional works (oil, I believe).

I love the depth of her colors. They're so rich and saturated they almost seem to glow from the inside. There's often a mistiness or haziness to the backgrounds giving her works a dreamy acid trip vibe. She tends to work with a lot of purples and greens. Her older works have an art nouveau or tattoo vibe with the focus of the piece sporting a distinct outline, but she's moved toward a more painterly look in recent years. A lot of her work focuses on fantasy, occult, or sci-fi themes. She's also started to create sigil artwork. 

Images are cropped, click to enlarge.