Artist Obsession: Cindy Lane

You've probably seen Cindy's mesmerizing videos which feature closeups of vibrant liquid watercolor being brushed or dripped onto wet paper. I was sent such a video by a friend last year. When I went to check out her Instagram account and found that she paints lots of sea creatures (mostly whales), I was hooked. 

The Aussie came back to art a little later in life, after having children and a career in the medical field, which I find inspiring. If you love something and you're meant to do it, you will. And the things that you love to paint, other people enjoy, too, it's really just a matter of finding the right audience. 

I love her super saturated colors and whimsical images. I could get lost in all the different shades of blue. Her work runs the range from almost cartoon simplicity to realism. You can see her playing and exploring in her work (she works in a variety of media including watercolor, acrylic, and chalk pastel). Everything she does exudes joy and love. Her adoration of nature is clear in her work. Her passion is infectious. Maybe this is silly, but even her photo staging is goals!

Check out her work below.

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