New Year, New Goals: Update

Well, I've been pretty shit really at following through with my resolutions.  

My biggest failure so far is that I haven't worked on the graphic novel. At all. I started working on page one and immediately got overwhelmed. I really should have paid more attention to the perspective lessons in college. My first panel should be a big, beautiful shot of a castle amidst mountain peaks, a highly-detailed three-point perspective piece that will set the visual tone for the rest of the graphic novel. So far I have...a horizon line. 

But it hasn't been all bad. I just finished a new painting that I'm quite proud of (you can see it in my Personal section). 

In addition,  I've started setting up my online store & populating it with products. So far I have a few originals & prints of my more favorite pieces. The hold up with officially opening? Taxes & legalities. Sales tax is complicated, folks. But, with any luck, it will be open by the weekend!